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I wanted to take some time to write this post because I see a lot if IT companies neglecting this critical aspect of software development.  In fact, sometimes user satisfaction is solely relegated to the cleanup effort post testing.   These are my initial thoughts and I will continue to expand on the subject in the future.

Here are some reasons why you should consider employing proper user experience practices on your next project.

Be Better.  Having a great user experience will give you a leg up on the competition.  Not all clients are in it for the lowest bid, many are looking for value and better UX design means they are getting a better value for their money.  Some of the things I mention below will help convince them that good UX is always in the budget. Learn more at moneyfall

Measurable Results.  By following UX practices like creating working prototypes you will be able to scientifically measure results throughout the process.  All of this feeds into creating a more efficient and cost effect product.

Reduced Cost.  
User experience design is about getting things right for the user.  The more often you can do this the less you will have to spend in redoing things that could have been communicated throughout the process.

Deploy Earlier.   
Wireframes, Personas, Prototyping are all geared to making less mistakes.  When you hit the nail on the head early on you decrease time to market which in turn lets you and your customer start earning money/value faster.

Increased Traffic.  When you UX stands out you will have more people visiting your site or application.  More visits adds up to more revenue for many sites, especially when it comes to advertising.You can also buy website traffic to try and kick start your site.

Increased Usage.  Users welcomed by good user experience will return to and and use more often the product you designed.  They will come to rely on it and will be excited about subsequent releases.

Happy Users.  Many projects fail because of lack of user acceptance.  User experience measures were invited to prevent this from happening.  Implementing them in full can also remove liability from you to the user. Check here – WebDesign499 for more information.  Although a good designer will guide the user in obtaining the best possible results even if they may not have a clear vision to being with.

Respecting Users.  Optimizing customer experience shows that you are trying to make the time the user has with your product as efficient as possible.  Performing a task in 3 actions instead of 4 can save a lot of time in the long run.  Good UX shows users that you respect their time during the development process and during the product experience.

Empowering users.  Getting users involved in the process early on gives them a feeling of empowerment.  They feel they have some control of their softwares destiny and will be eagar to show it off rather than dreading its release to the larger  base.

 Good user experience practices create loyal customers who will return to you over and over again because they know you put them first in your design.

Part of employing good UX is to establish recognizable design patterns that are at once familiar to the end user.  This has the added benefit of creating a brand for your design that will resonate with current and future clients.

All of these benefits contribute to your revenue and companies who have strong UX tend to outperform other companies.  Its hard to mention this subject without bring up Apple after all.  There I did it :)

Did I miss something?  Have an interesting study or case I should link to?  I would love to hear from you in the comments.